We release features (things you’ll see) weekly, with improvements (behind-the-scenes stuff) and fixes (oops!) in between

15 January 2019 08:30

  • Improvement Separated task alert management from user editing
  • Improvement Replace `automatic` Problem classification with `system`

8 January 2019 08:30

  • Feature Ability to remove categories
  • Improvement Show status of SFTP connection keys
  • Improvement Task notifications can be configured to appear within Fusions and/or be sent via Slack and email
  • Improvement Generate an alert when task execution exceeds the expected duration
  • Improvement Disable SFTP connections when the limit of allowed consecutive failures is exceeded
  • Improvement Allow users to preview the new tabbed data entry pages

18 December 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Comments moved to a popover
  • Improvement More granular control over task scheduling

11 December 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Show feed of recent comments on the dashboard
  • Improvement Multiple comments can be marked as Resolved

4 December 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Added icons to status indicators
  • Fix Bulk export files created at the same time can now be downloaded
  • Fix Saving a form while logged out (due to session expiry) no longer displays an error page

27 November 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Product status included in variation search results
  • Improvement Hover preview images on product detail variation links
  • Fix Save button may remove variations, products or bundles from sets and bundles

20 November 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Video indicator added to bundle detail page
  • Improvement Simplified dashboard layout

16 November 2018 11:38

  • Fix Collapse SEO fields initially where required

13 November 2018 08:30

  • Improvement SFTP connection key checking more robust

6 November 2018 08:30

  • Feature Attributes can be bulk assigned to variations
  • Feature Hover preview images for sets and bundles

30 October 2018 08:30

  • Feature Variations can be migrated between products
  • Improvement Made design responsive to support mobile and tablet devices

23 October 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Product and Variation attribute filtering now considers Attribute/Type assignments
  • Improvement Continued conversion of variation fields to self-managed attributes

16 October 2018 08:30

  • Fix Variation problem codes not updating when primary/secondary attributes removed
  • Improvement Standardised queue report view
  • Improvement Simplified SEO functionality

9 October 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Continued conversion of product fields to self-managed attributes
  • Improvement Restructured category data to allow for future growth

2 October 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Concise logging of attribute changes
  • Improvement Improve attribute classification

25 September 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow Product, Set and Bundle category assignment via an ID text field
  • Feature Allow deletion of Problems

18 September 2018 08:30

  • Feature Add Product, Set, Bundle and Category name counter functionality
  • Improvement Streamlined `Add Variation` placeholder and search tooltip
  • Improvement Range, Barcode and Variation template updates

4 September 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Align design/behaviour of range filters with other listing pages, and list recent ranges by default

28 August 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Product, Set and Bundle template updates

21 August 2018 08:30

  • Feature Variations can be filtered by multiple attributes
  • Feature Show variation problem on the product page
  • Feature Raw data can be viewed for log entries that are shown in a formatted table
  • Improvement Unify category picker functionality
  • Improvement Reorganised fields on variation page to streamline layout
  • Improvement Draft products now use the standard product edit template
  • Improvement Add new `Automation` section to Settings page

14 August 2018 08:30

  • Feature Added Usage page to show system statistics
  • Improvement Remove 'Run Now' buttons from Tasks page
  • Improvement Remove unused imported attributes
  • Fix Stop files being re-consumed after a staging refresh

7 August 2018 08:30

  • Feature Move remote files after successful download
  • Improvement Prevent moving to Approved status if required attributes are missing
  • Improvement Add infinite scrolling to task history page

31 July 2018 08:30

  • Feature Logs containing changes are displayed in a formatted table
  • Improvement Automated assignment rules can be grouped together
  • Improvement Scoped attributes are listed within Required or Optional sub-headings
  • Improvement Cleaner design of all search filters
  • Improvement Prevent deletion of types that are in use
  • Improvement Streamlined product search page
  • Improvement Removed unnecessary category SEO keywords field
  • Fix Widened port field on settings connection page

24 July 2018 08:30

  • Improvement SFTP keys can be marked as compromised
  • Improvement Import task history is now logged against the user who ran it
  • Improvement Clarify system and automated attributes on settings attributes page
  • Fix Table headings no longer wrap on smaller screens

18 July 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Automated Assignments rules can be given names
  • Improvement Cleaner design for category dropdowns

10 July 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Increase usability of task report pages
  • Improvement Move SEO fields higher up on the product, set, bundle and category pages
  • Improvement Automatically expand/collapse SEO fields as applicable
  • Improvement Introduce new purpose and group fields to settings attribute page

3 July 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow bulk export task safety net limits to be configured
  • Improvement Added usage indicators to attribute settings page
  • Improvement Hidden incomplete attributes from product, variation, set, bundle and category pages
  • Improvement Ordered attributes the same on product, variation, set, bundle and category pages
  • Fix Boolean attribute tags not saving when creating auto assignment rules

26 June 2018 08:30

  • Feature Redesigned settings alerts pages
  • Feature Category auto assignment rules can be applied to products with specific statuses
  • Improvement Display type on set and bundle search pages
  • Improvement Cleaner design for task configuration page
  • Improvement Streamlined confirmation messages
  • Improvement Streamlined status pills on all search pages
  • Improvement Streamlined barcode search page
  • Improvement Attribute usage notes now appear in tooltips
  • Improvement Clearer wording for system and automated attribute tooltips
  • Improvement Replaced unclear 'go back' links with explicit error pages
  • Fix Vertical alignment of headings

19 June 2018 08:30

  • Fix Fixed dashboard column layout on smaller screens

12 June 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Cleaner design for success, warning and error notifications
  • Fix Timezone not being taken into account when scheduling a staging refresh

5 June 2018 08:30

  • Feature Added page for users to view their account details (GDPR)
  • Improvement Handle connection key check timeouts

29 May 2018 08:30

  • Feature Scoped attributes can be managed on the attribute settings page
  • Improvement User accounts can be deleted if they have no associated record(s), or deactivated if they do
  • Fix Rarely being redirected to an invalid URL after login

22 May 2018 08:30

  • Fix Linking to files that cannot be downloaded
  • Improvement Display user's chosen department on users settings page

15 May 2018 08:30

  • Feature Sets can be built using variation IDs
  • Improvement Remove unnecessary description field for users (GDPR)
  • Improvement Additional save button on category page
  • Improvement Cleaner design for tags settings page
  • Improvement Bulk bundle, log, product, set and variation export tasks adhere to configured safety net limit

8 May 2018 08:30

  • Fix Affected row counts were incorrect for a small number of tasks
  • Fix Transfer pages did not have 'Upload' in the page title where applicable
  • Feature Allow bulk updating of bundle and set attributes
  • Improvement Cleaner design for connection and problem settings pages
  • Improvement Cleaner design for tooltips

1 May 2018 08:30

  • Feature Show automated attributes on settings attribute page
  • Improvement Cleaner design for XML preview modal popups

24 April 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Cleaner design for attribute, auto assignment, department, type and user settings pages

17 April 2018 08:30

  • Fix Some imported files could not be downloaded
  • Feature Allow product copy to be marked as completed
  • Feature Allow comments to be added to bundles
  • Feature Make product comments searchable

10 April 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow a production to staging refresh to be scheduled
  • Improvement Invite new users to set their password, rather than require admin users to set one
  • Improvement More efficient handling of SFTP connections

3 April 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow SFTP transfer rules to be self-managed
  • Improvement Display photos on bundle pages

27 March 2018 08:30

  • Feature Verify that transferred files have been picked up
  • Improvement Navigation from sets to their products or bundles
  • Improvement Simplify product status notifications

21 March 2018 11:00

  • Fix Automatic row highlighting and checkbox selection was too eager on some lists

20 March 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Increased security of password resets
  • Improvement Cleaner design and layout when listing information
  • Fix Date, time and search fields had a shadow inconsistent with other fields
  • Fix Checkbox to select all variations within a product had stopped working

13 March 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow categories to be bulk unassigned from products, sets and bundles
  • Feature Allow SFTP connections to be self-managed
  • Improvement Tighten checks on manually imported files

6 March 2018 08:30

  • Feature SFTP Self-management: Key rotation/download/verification
  • Improvement Ability to queue bulk export tasks
  • Improvement Add additional fields to Samples UI and CSV export
  • Improvement Link to Sets and Bundles from Category Page

20 February 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow sets to be built using Variation IDs

13 February 2018 08:30

  • Feature Ability to specify attribute's default tag
  • Improvement Wrap all CSV fields in double quotes for improved compatibility with Excel

6 February 2018 08:30

  • Improvement More informative XML error logging

30 January 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow comments to be added to Sets
  • Improvement Allow attributes with types in common and product-scoped attributes to be used in auto assignment rules

23 January 2018 08:30

  • Feature Search results for Samples now list most recent changes first
  • Improvement Add connection testing functionality to SFTP management
  • Improvement Integration test fixture improvements
  • Improvement SFTP fingerprint verification

16 January 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Use middleware to standardise the sanitisation of user input
  • Improvement Decode HTML entities in Variation, Set and Bundle imports

9 January 2018 08:30

  • Feature Allow bulk update of Set additional categories
  • Feature Allow bulk update of Bundle additional categories
  • Improvement Prevent password reuse

3 January 2018 08:30

  • Improvement Simplified authorisation/routing code

20 December 2017 08:30

  • Feature Allow products to move to an approved status when their variations have never received stock
  • Improvement PHP 7.1 code improvements

12 December 2017 08:30

  • Improvement Reworked handling of dates/times for clarity and maintainability

9 December 2017 15:30

  • Feature Enable audit trail functionality for Auto Assignment rule changes

5 December 2017 08:30

  • Feature Allow bulk update of Set primary category
  • Feature Allow bulk update of Bundle primary category
  • Improvement Begin converting attributes to new boolean yes/no and true/false patterns

28 November 2017 08:30

  • Feature History/logs can now be filtered by date/time range
  • Feature Variations can now be searched for by product
  • Improvement Introduced new numeric decimal/integer attribute patterns
  • Improvement Include Bundle information on Category export note

21 November 2017 08:30

  • Improvement Removed legacy task urls
  • Fix Take timezone into account when displaying time and date for history/log events

14 November 2017 08:30

  • Feature Introduced new boolean yes/no and true/false attribute patterns
  • Improvement Removed legacy code affecting variation search page, result totals and URLs.
  • Improvement Increased test coverage.

10 November 2017 10:56

  • Fix Stopped tag dropdowns on the bulk change pages showing irrelevant Assigned/Unassigned choices.

7 November 2017 08:30

  • Improvement Refactored category search page for consistency and increased test coverage
  • Improvement Improved handling of invalid tags during variation imports

31 October 2017 15:40

  • Fix History/log listing pages are now available again

31 October 2017 14:59

  • Improvement Removed details field from history/log listing pages since no longer used

31 October 2017 12:07

  • Fix History/log listing pages have been temporarily disabled to prevent general timeout errors

31 October 2017 08:30

  • Improvement Increased performance when saving attribute values
  • Improvement Updated software dependencies used for documentation guides
  • Improvement Refactored category and history/log listing pages for consistency and increased test coverage

28 October 2017 17:23

  • Fix Searching for a single status using the querystring wouldn't work

26 October 2017 11:05

  • Fix Auto-assignments wouldn't be saved after encountering one that already existed

24 October 2017 08:30

  • Improvement Increased performance when calculating whether a variation is online
  • Improvement Minor security best practise changes and increased test coverage

17 October 2017 08:30

  • Feature Products can now be searched for either with, or without an attribute, or with a specific value
  • Feature Category attributes can now be specified to cascade their values down to child categories

10 October 2017 08:31

  • Improvement Refactored barcode, search, tag, type, problem, department, user, photo, range, variation and task pages for consistency and increased test coverage
  • Improvement Reduce alerting noise when there are SFTP issues

5 October 2017 12:04

  • Fix Previewing a product wasn't working

3 October 2017 08:30

  • Improvement Category attribute changes are now logged

26 September 2017 08:30

  • Feature Categories can now be assigned a Preview status
  • Improvement Invalid IDs in bulk searches are now ignored
  • Improvement Adding new categories are now logged
  • Improvement Barcode exports now run in a background task

21 September 2017 14:52

  • Improvement Prevent use of obvious passwords

21 September 2017 08:44

  • Improvement Increase minimum password length to ten characters
  • Improvement Prevent use of common passwords
  • Improvement Expire inactive sessions quicker

20 September 2017 15:14

  • Fix Barcodes export would be empty in certain situations

19 September 2017 15:21

  • Improvement Log additional details for debugging

19 September 2017 08:33

  • Improvement Bundle search form now respects user's department preference
  • Improvement Support search multiple ID types on barcode search form

12 September 2017 08:31

  • Feature Ability to search for products in bulk, using product codes
  • Feature Enable management of scoped attribute values by admin users

7 September 2017 15:41

  • Fix Product links in category edit page sub-headings not working when following through to bulk changes

5 September 2017 08:31

  • Feature Display type usage notes on attribute details page
  • Improvement More robust timestamp logging of updated/deleted data
  • Fix Inability to filter products by multiple attributes bug

29 August 2017 08:31

  • Feature Adding/removing variations now marks a product as updated
  • Improvement Faster page loading when listing task/log files
  • Fix Department dropdowns were not filtering Types on Set and Bundle search forms

25 August 2017 11:22

  • Fix Manager users were unable to access Attribute settings

22 August 2017 12:14

  • Fix Attempting to make zero photo requests now displays an error message

22 August 2017 08:44

  • Improvement Corrected issue with automated testing configuration

18 August 2017 11:45

  • Fix Adding a duplicate product to a range no longer prevents remaining products from being added

17 August 2017 16:23

  • Improvement Streamlined environment checking

15 August 2017 08:30

  • Feature Ability to add new categories
  • Feature Standardised file upload forms
  • Improvement Simplified code around user roles