What we offer when you partner with Fusions for your product information management …


We provide our software as a service (SaaS) with all the hosting, maintenance and security essentials built-in. Two levels are available:

  • Application: our core system allowing users to login and enrich product data throughout the life cycle, complete with workflow management
  • Programmable: adds the ability to securely interface with our application programmatically, enabling our platform to be extended for accessing and working with your data

We continuously release updates to Fusions, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest version.


We offer three levels of support:

  • Standard: ticket system during weekdays, 09:00–17:30 excluding bank holidays
  • Planned: adds up to 10 pre-arranged weekends/bank holidays, with on-call availability for emergencies 09:00–15:00, plus issue escalation via phone/email
  • Extended: as above for all weekends/bank holidays, plus weekday on-call availability for emergencies, 07:00–23:00


If you require bespoke development to integrate your data feeds with Fusions, or to build extended functionality on top of our platform, we can help.

Development time is available in two ways to suit your needs:

  • Project: one-off cost for speccing/development work
  • Dedicated: monthly cost for a developer working with your team on organised sprints


So that training/testing doesn't affect your production data, we provide a separate staging database.

In addition, we offer three levels of environment hosting:

  • Standard: production and staging environments share server resources
  • Isolated: for extra performance, environments have their own servers
  • Redundant: production environment is duplicated for increased availability


For assistance beyond our knowledge base and documentation, we offer two training solutions:

  • Online: group webinars, fortnightly. These alternate between 'onboarding overview' and 'what's new' so that both are covered every month
  • Onsite: we find this isn't needed, as our webinars and your internal training programmes combined more than suffice. However, we're always happy to discuss your requirements


Take things further and involve the Fusions team in your strategic plans, which will ensure that you get the best long-term results.

Your account manager can provide a single point of contact to discuss future needs, combining extensive PIM experience with business analysis of your upcoming requirements.