Privacy policy

Fusions PIM Limited (’Fusions’) only have customer contracts with businesses, not individuals


We balance security, business needs, usability and legal regulations — such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — to respect the privacy of individuals who interact with our company/software via our customers.

Our website ( doesn’t use cookies, but our software (typically does — in order to function and be secure.

Data Processor

We help our customers meet their legal obligations where they use Fusions software as a data processor of their user accounts, which are made up of:

Customers may (at any time) use the software to:

Since ‘an employer does not need consent to use your work email address’, we do not gather explicit consent for email alerts, or other system/transactional emails such as password resets.

Users (individuals) may (at any time) use the software to:

As data processors, we do not provide users with direct access to view/export data associated with their account. Our customers, as data controllers, are expected to consider any such request and instruct Fusions via standard support mechanisms.

User data (including prior to amending/deleting) will be retained in backups until automated expiry policies delete the data permanently.

Data Controller

To do business with our customers, we are a data controller for limited information relating to their employees and suppliers, including:


A subprocessor is a third-party data processor engaged by Fusions which has access to personal data. We provide notice of any new subprocessor by posting such updates here, so please check back frequently.

Fusions use a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of proposed subprocessors. The adequacy of each subprocessor used is demonstrated in the notes beside each entity listed:


Please direct any queries to Fusions is not required under GDPR to have a Data Processing Officer.